June 16

4 key benefits of cloud automation for wineries


As technology evolves with time, it’s time for wineries to stay on track with these changes. 

Wineries were among the few industries globally that were slow to adopt automation and other innovations. Yet, because of the changing landscape over the last decade—increased competition, rising demand, and above all, the challenges brought on by the pandemic—technology and innovation have become necessary. 

Innovations like cloud computing and cloud automation, in particular, have become cutting-edge tools that have aided the transformation of businesses. 

In fact, towards the last quarter of 2021, companies that used cloud automation were forecasted to see a 15% annual growth in their revenue, while 84% of the organisations that adopted cloud automation have achieved a revenue increase.

The bottom line is that businesses that adopt cloud automation are in it for the win. 

But, the question is, how can it help a winery, which heavily relies on traditional manufacturing and marketing methods?

It improves the security and safety of your operations

Improving the accuracy and security of your operations in one move is a significant benefit of cloud automation. When cloud automation comes into the picture, you can eliminate human intervention in your operations, ensuring fewer human errors that compromise the safety and accuracy of your operations.

It also reduces the need for multiple people working on the same system contributing to a higher level of security and more robust security policies. 

When you’re a winery striving to provide the best to your customers, every piece of information related to your customers is crucial—whether you’re creating new flavours in testing rooms or sending personalised offers when you’re marketing—and you cannot afford to lose it. By integrating cloud automation into your digital marketing strategies, you can eliminate this risk easily. 

Neither accidental nor deliberate information breaches will be a pressing concern anymore as human intervention is minimised—you’re reducing the risk of malicious insiders, errors and data compromise all with one solution.

It provides scalability and easy governance

The country’s wine industry is evolving due to a growing demand for Australian wine and the increased adoption of technology. 

Wineries are required to scale up their infrastructure regularly to meet rising demands, but with scalability comes the need to manage a wide range of digital infrastructures. While this may be a possibility for businesses at its initial stages—having limited resources, and managing terabytes of data in an uncountable amount of virtual machines is complicated at an enterprise level. 

This is where cloud automation becomes handy, as it helps resolve the scalability of growing wineries. 

Additionally, a cloud data centre eases storage issues and access to information for marketers. At the base level, they can use it to store customer data and access it anytime and from anywhere, which makes remote work possible. 

Providing centralised governance for all your operations is another benefit you can witness with cloud automation. 

Managing your cloud services manually requires multiple people to get involved in the process and will deny you total control over the proceedings. On the other hand, switching to automation will resolve this and provide you with centralised governance. 

The more in control you are of your infrastructure, the more empowered you will be to make informed business decisions.

Cloud automation also allows you to handle database errors—set predefined points to handle risks such as memory errors or unresponsive databases and set up predefined workflows to remedy these issues automatically.

It increases data security and better analytics

If your winery is expanding your wine club, you already have a growing database of customer data. But, random data is not useful unless marketers have the right tools to analyse it and gain actionable insights. 

This is another benefit of cloud automation. Aside from access to useful customer data, cloud automation makes it easier for any authorised member of your team to access a range of powerful analytics and reports.  

As you prepare your marketing and sales plans to align with the rising trends in the wine market, your team can leverage cloud-based analytics tools to gain insights and create more customised customer experiences. What’s more, they can use these tools to test new marketing channels with minimal risk, track leads, and determine the channels and strategies that work best with your target audience. 

Data is the new currency in the 21st century. 

As such, losing this data means you risk losing vital information that helps your winery target club members and potential leads across the various stages of their journey, which means data backup is a critical component. 

With cloud automation services, however, you don’t have to worry about backups or about data loss. 

Your data will be protected automatically, saving you from losing out on precious customer insights in case of a system failure.

It facilitates higher productivity and efficiency

One of the reasons contemporary businesses opt for automation is because it ensures higher operational productivity and efficiency. For wineries, this means more accurate testing, better quality assurance, and streamlined marketing efforts. 

The same applies to cloud automation. When businesses opt for cloud automation—tasks that may take days to complete with human efforts and intervention can be completed within a matter of minutes. 

Take, for example, customer relationship management of your wine club. 

Managing customer data manually is a monotonous task that requires a heavy time investment from your marketing team. With an automated customer relationship management system that’s hosted on the cloud, you can manage data entry, and other CRM resources with ease by accessing the platform via the internet. 

By eliminating the need for repetitive tasks, you can deploy your staff to undertake other tasks that benefit from human effort and intellect. This increases the overall efficiency of your processes, adds value to your workflows, and increases the productivity of your operations all across your organisation.

Usher your winery into the future with cloud automation

As the market evolves, it’s high time to let your winery evolve with it. 

With cloud automation, you can manage your data effectively and gain full visibility over your operations, which helps you streamline operations across your teams. 

If you would like to learn more about cloud automation, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with the KonnectIT team today!

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