Streamlining your system through the latest API tech 

Streamlining your system through the latest API tech

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Get all your apps working as a team

KonnectIT brings together your multiple Keap integrations to automate your work, letting you link your apps with ease, share data swiftly, and build a streamlined business process.

With KonnectIT, you can accelerate your operations, build workflows in a matter of a few clicks, connect two or more apps, automate tasks without having to wait on developers, transfer data and information seamlessly between your apps, and offer your full attention to your most valuable operations.

Get all your apps working as a team

Digitalisation may have made operations easier but are your applications truly in sync?

Businesses looking to scale up stand to gain so much from automating their workflows. From meeting labour shortages to improving the productivity of your teams, the right solution can help you meet every business goal you set.

But if there is poor connectivity and communication between the multiple platforms you use, you’re falling short of leveraging the best business tools available to you.

With KonnectIT, you can let go of the doubt—connect all your systems, unite all operations on a centralised platform, and fast-track your processes.

Meet our team

Peter Lee

CEO of, Business automation strategist of Launchy

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Peter has held the position of Sales Director and Business Automation Strategist of Launchy—or Launch Business Automation, at its inception—since August 2013.

As a business automation expert, his work covers multiple fields including Global Business Operations, Strategic Partnerships, Sales & Marketing Automation Funnels, CRM Software Implementation, Project Management, Lead Generation, and Joint Venture Management.

Konnect with Peter:

Pascal Martin

Co- Founder of, KEAP certified partner and business automation specialist

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Identifying as an automation junkie, Pascal works with Keap and develops API for businesses that are looking to get their multiple systems and tools to work together.

Nobody knows the hassle of running a business with a litany of disconnected systems like Pascal, which makes him the ideal person to get the stuff that other people can’t do done. As a Keap Certified Partner, Marketing Autopilot and Co-Founder of, he helps businesses get all their operations running with enhanced communication and connectivity.

Konnect with Pascal:

Crystelle Topatan

Co-Founder of KonnectIT, Founder and CEO of

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As a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and educator with over 20 years of experience working in Marketing and events across Australia, Crystelle is one of the region’s leading sales and marketing automation strategists.

She is also the founder and CEO of Launchy—automation partners bringing you business process, efficiency coaching, system consulting, and training.

Today, she provides support in multiple areas including:

  • Sales, marketing, and business automatin
  • Guidance to take your business growth to the next level 
  • Strategic support directly from the source to stay ahead of the game

Konnect with Crystelle:

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